It’s the 1st March and summer has officially ended and our Downunder autumn has begun.

Cooler than summer? No way, it’s only 10.27am and the temperature is already over 25 celcius and rising. A hot wind is blowing hard too so bush fires could become a problem today.

Leaves on the deciduous trees are turning yellow and beginning to fall, right on cue but luckily our eucalyptus trees remain green all year long and keep everything looking alive and fresh.

It can get quite cold here in winter, nice crisp frosts with clear days, ideal to get out on the Harley with a few mates and have a pleasing ride without getting cooked by the sun.

With a ride in mind, I’ll close now and go and polish the bike for the 100th time. After all, it is a Harley.

\Hoo roo for now.


Well, I’ve finally taken the plunge and taken to the blogosphere. Not only that, I’ve enrolled in Photography 101.

Should be a lot of fun, hope the learning curve isn’t too steep.

Well, thats all for now.

Hoo roo from Downunder.