For the last couple of years I’ve been SWMBO’s full time carer as her dementia continues to overtake her. Fortunately, the gravity of her condition has been recognised and she has been awarded a Government assistance package which caters for many of her needs and provides respite care three days a week which enables me to have some time to recharge the batteries.

Being a full time carer often demands making changes to established routines, pastimes and reduce risk taking .In my case the hardest decision was selling my Harley Davidson motorcycle. When I bought it new, three years ago, it had only nine klms on the clock. When I sold it in October 2020 it still had 9 klms on the clock and had never left the garage. After being an Harley rider for over thirty years it was a difficult decision to make.

The decision to sell the bike was based on my risk management plan. As SWMBO’s carer an accident on the bike couldn’t be risked. As we have no family, if I were to become incapacitated, SWMBO would have to be paced in an aged care facility.

Fortunately I’ve been able to continue with my photography, with my focus, no pun intended, on desktop photography which presents its own unique photographic challenges.

So, there we are. With any luck SWMBO and I will be able to venture out more now that she has a four wheeled walker and a wheel chair to assist her movement.

We live close to a river where our local Council has constructed a wonderful, paved, river walkway which currently extends for about 12 klms. We intend to take walks along the path and SWMBO can carry my camera gear on her walker thus allowing my large telephoto lenses to be close at hand.

With any luck I’ll have a photo or two for my next post and I promise not be a whiner again.

Hoo Roo for now.