Bio: I'm an old bloke living in rural Australia. Love Landrovers, Harley Davidsons and Nikon cameras.

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  1. Hi mate, looking forward to reading though your posts. Could I offer a suggestion though. Try changing your use of categories. Categories for you could be just a few like, Canberra, Travel, Photography. All of the categories you have used would be better just added as Tags to your posts. Your categories should be your main headings and your tags your sub headings. Your menu would then be just a bar across the top of your page. You could add a “Tag Cloud” widget to your sidebar which would then let the reader find your posts relating to a tag by clicking on the tag in the cloud.

  2. I agree with Stacealive, I think there is something technical that is going awry. If all those words are the top are categories they don’t seem to lead anywhere. Writing is good though but I can’t find anything. πŸ™‚

      1. I think what you have done is written your pieces as pages and they should be posts under the pages. If you go to my blog you’ll see at the top different pages, like home, Africa etc. If you move your mouse over those words you see the posts that are written to those pages. Make sense? Hope it helps.

      2. l couldn’t work out categories and tags before but I found this. Might help? Somewhere there, there’s a handy link to convert categories to tags. I did that a while ago. it takes a while for it to process it though. Cheerios.

  3. Hey πŸ™‚ I nominated you for the Liebster award. I put a lot of thought before nominating you so this isn’t like chain mail. Really am interested in how you respond to it.

    1. Sounds like a lot of fun. When this week is over I’ll try and give it a go. Right now my poor old brain is gasping and struggling with overload.
      Thanks for adding me to your list. Much appreciated.

  4. I realize you were nominated for another photo challenge but I nominated you for Five Photos/Five Stories Challenge. For five consecutive days, you must attach a story to a photo. It can be fiction or nonfiction: a short story, paragraph or poem. Please nominate a blog each day. You are not under any obligation to accept but I hope you do. Show us some beautiful pictures from Down Under and your beautiful Harley. BTW, I love the mug shot!

    1. Thanks heaps and I accept the challenge. Day 1 is now posted. I hope you enjoy the read. Glad you like the ‘mug shot’. One day I’ll try and find a more flattering one.

  5. Hey, I don’t know where your comment disappeared from my post.. but good that I read it before it disappeared.. Thanks for reading, I also agree that graduation degrees must be limited and also after career counselling. Thanks for giving your insight.

  6. I’m not getting your posts for some reason. Humph! BTW, I have 5 college degrees, 3 post-graduate. I obtained 2 teaching certificates and working on a third one, when I first became ill 5 years ago.

    1. Wow, you are certainly one hell of an academic and practical with it too. Any student who was privileged to have you as a teacher would have no excuse not to excel. With the exception of a Diploma in Criminology where I studied at Sydney University Law School, my degrees came via distance learning. Both are related to police science. When I retired I spent 9 years, thats not a typo, at College studying photography and completed every course they had.
      I was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age, I miss my darkroom, the chemicals, the paper and the physical input required to produce a 1st class image. It’s sort of comforting to know that my DNA is on every print I produced and sold and on all the thousands of negatives filed away here in the office.

      Sorry to waffle on about myself. After thirty five years of asking questions of people, I find it hard to ask you about your qualifications and your illness. I’m sure you understand. I do hope that you are now having many many good days.

      I’ve been using my iPad to do some of my posts, I wonder if that is the reason they are not appearing for you. I’ll investigate further.

  7. You have an impressive background. Not sure why I’m not getting posts. I had infusions today and tomorrow again. I get them monthly now. Don’t particularly like them but they do make me feel better and strengthen my immune system.

  8. We live in a wonderful age of medical discovery and treatment. I’m sure your positive approach to your treatment compliments the treatment itself. I have three monthly blood tests, have had for the past ten years. The time just whips past and now they are so ho hum I never think about the outcomes. My GP has just retired and I’m contemplating how to select a newie. I trusted the old one, we were on the same wavelength so my selection criteria is not based entirely on medical skills.

    Your positive atitude rubs off you know and I for one feel mentally and physically reinforced when I absorb your writings.

  9. Thank you. I had infusion on Monday and again later today. Both 6-hour treatments every month now. I look at illness as looking at my own mortality. I treasure life as I know it is fragile as health. I wish you well, my friend, and send words of encouragement to you.

  10. Thank you Anne. I wish you well with your infusions. Six hours must feel like an eternity. Our thoughts are with you and as you know, you have to keep us all enthralled for many years to come.
    All the best from the Land Down Under.

  11. Thank you. I spend 4 hours in the E.R. tonight after a fall at the cancer center. Everything turned out all right. Just sore with a headache. Thanks for the kind comments.

  12. So sorry you are feeling not too well at the moment. Tomorrow is another day, the sun will be shining brightly, there will be no wind, the news will all be good and you will attack your keyboard with renewed vigour.
    That’s essential as we are all looking forward to reading how you are feeling much, much better.

  13. I wanted to comment on your lost key escapades but comments are closed – I was going to suggest you keep a metal detector to hand for when said neighbours are out and you are unable to retrieve your spare key! Bye for now πŸ™‚

  14. Great idea. However, the problem is now resolved with keys hidden all over the place and a map of their whereabouts secreted outside. Now I’ve only to remember where I’ve hidden the map.

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