Wouldn’t you think that I have been around long enough to resist nomination for Facebook competitions. Once bitten twice shy as the saying goes.

I thought so too but in a moment of weakness I accepted a mate’s nomination and signed on for an image a day for seven days.  As you are probably aware, acceptance includes  an expectation that others will be nominated too. Accordingly I nominated two others to take up the challenge, both of whom accepted.

This time around I’ve opted to cheat, just a little bit. After all an image is an image no matter it’s age and provided it fits the required genre.

I searched my records and came up with four suitable archived images and since my nomination have photographed the other three.

Last Tuesday was Day 1 and I uploaded an image I’d taken at dawn that morning from our front verandah. Here it is:DAY 1

On Wednesday morning I cheated and uploaded this image from my archives:


Then this morning I was at it again with one from the archives, showing a section of Mt Riddock  Cattle Station in what is known as the bottom end of the Northern Territory. It’s from a scan of a Kodak ISO 25 slide:


I’m undecided with the order in which I’ll post the remaining four images, two of which are archival and two taken since last Tuesday. The first of the four is of a sunset I shot just after 5pm on the 20th May, 2011 from our back door.

For the technical minded I used my Nikon D700 with my Nikkor 70-200 mm f2.8 lens set at 70mm, 1/125th second at f2.8, ISO 200:


This next image is also archival from last summer. I used my D700 and Nikkor 105mm  f2.8 Macro lens set at 1/80th second, f9, ISO 200 with the Nikon Speedlight SB 800 to bring our more detail:


The last two images  were made yesterday during a break in the lousy light conditions  when the two Galahs and the Nankeen Kestrel made their entrance into our backyard, not at the same time of course.

Both images were made using my D810 with the Nikkor 300mm lens , aperture priority f4, 1.1250th second at ISO 100.



Will I take up another nomination in some future competition? Taking a leaf out of every politicians note book, I’ll never say never, just in case.


Hoo roo for now.