Twenty minutes from now to unlock my mind and write whatever comes into my head. What a poser to begin with. The first thing that I though about was today’s 200 klm drive to try out a new lens for my camera. A few days ago I’d seen the trees but without the camera all I could do was look. Today was different, low light, misty rain, not ideal, but, by the time I got to the spot the rain had ceased, the cloud cover was still there and all was well. 20 images later I was on my way again, images safely on the memory card. Now I’m sitting here playing with words as they enter my mind at random, still marshalling my thoughts about the new lens and the images freshly off the card and onto the screen. Shall I post one or two images  Really can’t decide. Perhaps only one.

Then there is the question of my motorcycling. At my age should I still be out on the open road mixing it with the idiots in their tin tops whose only excuse after a near miss is,’sorry mate, I didn’t see you’.  I knows from experience that as you get older you don’t bounce off the bitumen as well as you did as a youngster, so that is now a constant in my mind.

Of course, if I give up riding, what will I do to fill in the day? There’s a limit to the amount of time a man can spend cutting the grass, feeding the wild birds, playing with the camera, washing the Landrovers, playing with the cats and most importantly of all, just doing nothing. Now that brings to mind the joke about the old bloke sitting in a deck chair under a tree in the yard with a cold beer in hand. His wife asked,’What are you doing?’ He replied, ‘Nothing’. She responded ,’ You were doing that yesterday’. He simply said to he,’ I know but I didn’t finish!’

Sitting dothing only works for me in the body department. The mind just keeps bouncing from one thing to another, just like at this moment in time. What to type next, who will be interested in my choice of off road tyres for the Landrovers, should I buy a Nikkor micro lense to compliment my existing 105mm?

What’s the point of getting another one when I hardly use the one I’ve already got. It’s great to have more lenses than the other blokes in the camera club. Trouble is lenses are getting more expensive and access to funds is getting tighter as the years roll on by.

How’s the watch going, Wow, been going fifteen minutes and the counter says 447 words. Five more minutes till the checkered flag drops and the event is over.

It’s been a lot of fun. If my touch typing was up to real speed, I could double the output. What would that achieve. It would only add to the boring content for people whom have chosen to follow me on this blog. Oh well in closing, here’s a photo from this mornings shots:

writing Trees with the 20mm_06Apr2015_0022 copy

Hoo roo for now, see you all tomorrow.;


Challenge is quite an appropriate word to describe this photo a day exercise. Do I have any suitable buildings in town that merit monochrome treatment today I asked myself.  Buildings, sure, weather, not today, light all wrong. So, back to the files and suddenly, the thought light switched on! The moon from a few nights back. On that particular night we had a brilliant sky, plenty of stars, just a smidgeon of cloud and a partial moon just hanging there saying, ‘here I am, catch me if you can’.

I grabbed the camera, whacked on the lens, forgot the tripod in my haste, and grabbed the following shot, I hope you like it.


For the technically minded, although the light was adequate, I extended my zoom  lens to 600mmm its longest and set the aperture at f 6.3, the lens’s widest. I jacked the IDSO up to 500  and these settings gave me a shutter speed of 1/2500th second. This was ideal as I needed a high shutter speed to ensure no camera shake because I’d not used a tripod and it’s difficult for me to hand hold the lens and camera steady because of its combined weight. That’s my excuse, the tremor of old age has nothing to do with it.

The image was recorded in colour and converted to monochrome using the presets in Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

Hoo roo till tomorrow.