Wombats are unique, nocturnal and very hairy Australian marsupials. They are large animals and live in vast tunnel systems that they seem to enjoy digging.

They are lumbering rotund animals with distinctive noses and have  an overall appearance that makes you want to cuddle them. Very, very unwise though because their strong,  powerful legs and sharp paw nails can be used as an effective defensive weapon.  They can also be very much on the nose.

Being nocturnal it is during the night that they are most commonly seen, unfortunately lying  dead beside our country roads after being struck by motor vehicles.

On a brighter note, being uniquely Aussie, the name has many interpretations.

For example, if someone’s nick name is ‘ wombat’, the inference is that the person so named is ‘thick as a brick.’

If the title, ‘like wombat stew,’ is applied to food, the inference is that the food tastes absolutely awful. As an aside, no one in their right mind would ever consider eating wombat as they are protected fauna.

Which brings me to my reason for waffling on about wombats.

A few months back, while just swanning around the country side  south east of Canberra, Australia’s Capital , we found ourselves on a dirt road named Majors Creek Mountain Road.

There right at the start of the road was an interesting cafe called Wisbeys Orchards.

We enjoyed a great breakfast and there, for all to see and buy was a great collection of, wait for it, WALLOPING WOMBAT  jam.

Of course we had to purchase quite a few large and small jars to sample back at home on our toast. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Even the large jars are small,  here is how they look:

Small jars first.

Wombat Jam_20160329_0004 copy


Now the larger jar.


Wombat Jam_20160329_0003 copy


We will be going back soon to replenish our stocks as visitors to our place always get a pleading look on their  face after having some on fresh bread with a cup of tea. We feel so sorry for them that we let them take a jar(only the small ones though)with them when they leave.

We can recommend the jam and you can contact Wisbey’s on telephone 02 48 464 024.

We have no relationship whatsoever with Wisbey’s but we enjoyed their fare so much we thought you should know about it. Particularly WALLOPING WOMBAT jam.

Hoo roo for now.