I’m just unsure what comes first in my lifestyle (how I abhor using that word). Could it be Nikon cameras or Harley Davidson motorcycles or, Landrovers.

In the early 1960’s when I worked in the country I was always attracted to the Series 1 Landrovers I observed being used for various tasks on farming properties as well as being a general farm mode of transport.

Transferred back to Sydney I soon learned that one of my workmates was a Landrover fanatic and by early 1969 I was the proud owner of a second hand 1967 Short Wheel base Sahara Gold ( fancy name for yellow) petrol Landrover hard top.

At the insistence of my workmate Roy, I joined the Landrover Owners Club of Australia, Sydney Branch, where he was then President.

What fantastic times we had on Club trips and also our private Landrover adventures.

I know I’ve got photos and slides by the hundreds of my SWB Landrover but somehow or other their whereabouts escape me.

All those years ago it bore number plates GCA-400.

Since 1969, I’ve never owned a sedan motor vehicle. However, I’ve owned three Landrovers and I’m proud to say that I still own and drive two of them. They are known affectionally as Mr Brown and Mr Green. Mr Brown was purchased new in 1984 and Mr Green purchased new in 1991. Both have covered many, many thousands of miles around Australia and are still going strong.

She who must be obeyed now is the main driver of Mr Brown and I almost have to make application in writing to gain permission to drive it. In fact Mr Brown proudly displays ‘Her Ladyship’s’ personal number plates.

However, I digress.

This morning we had a visitor new to the delights of four wheel driving and I trolled through part of our archives to find some Landrover images to show her. By the time I’d completed that task she had made her goodbyes and left.

Not wishing to return the images to the depths of an external hard drive I’m going to inflict them on you so here they are, in no particular chronological order. All are scans from Kodachrome slides so they may not be as sharp and colour accurate as you may expect from a user of all things Nikon.

As for my ‘lifestyle’ preferences, I’ve decided they are all on a equal par.

One early morning on one of our Landrover trips into what we call the High Country we awoke to see this inquisitive Grey Kangaroo with its Joey securely in the pouch casually standing at the edge of our camp site. She didn’t even move or blink when I grabbed at the camera and made this image.

Now that I seem to be able to upload an image, I’ll try for the others I was going to add to this  Landrover Best 4×4 By Far diatribe and coax them into into another blog later on.

Now it’s really hoo roo.