Following  my cancer diagnosis and surgery in late 2014 I have followed my medicos’ advice and refrained, except for a few  occasions, from riding my beloved  Harley.

Then, back in August this year I received the pleasing information that I’m in remission and can resume riding.

Now my Harley Heritage Softail hits the scales at 327 kilos dry or 720 lbs if that is your preferred measure. Dry means just the bike with no accessories and an empty fuel tank.

Whatever way you care to look at it, that’s  lot of weight so I decided to get something lighter and settled on a Harley Fat Boy, 305 kilos dry or 672 lbs.

Here in Australia as the 2017 model year approaches, special discounted prices are offered on 2016 Harleys and I decided it was time to strike a deal.

The special offers expire today, the 30th September. Have I done a deal?


Why you may well ask?

The answer is simple really.

During my long convalescence I’ve mucked about with the Heritage and changed a few things.

For example, I’ve fitted quick release mechanisms to the leather saddler bags, changed to Fat Boy handlebars, removed the windscreen and added the smallest Harley sissy bar and pillion pad I could find.

You will see the difference in the following two images:


Here is my beauty as delivered, 327 kilos or 720 lbs dry weight.


Now here is my beauty, minus saddle bags, screen, mini ape bars and the extra large pillion pad.

Total weight of the goodies I removed, 48 lbs or 22kilos.

If you do the math and come up with the same figures as I did,  guess what?

My stripped down Heritage now weights exactly the same, dry, as does the Fat Boy I was contemplating buying,  305 kilos or 674 lbs.

As both bikes have the same capacity fuel tank, they would be equal in weight when fully fuelled up and ready for the road.

Now on the plus side, everyone tells me I look ‘fantastic’ when I’m out on my Heritage and should never change the model.

Just have a gander at yours truly out on the Heritage. It’s said there is nothing like a bit of self promotion, so, here I am.



Looking every inch a ‘biker’ and loving it.

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Here I am again, this time pretending to be an intellectual after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University. What a poser.


Anyway, as soon as it stops raining and the roads dry out, I’ll be going for a ride on my Heritage, all thoughts of a Fat Boy out of my mind and I’ll congratulate myself that the bike’s weight loss has saved me quite a few dollars that I can now invest in more bling for my beloved Heritage.

Hoo roo for now.