Today marks the completion of a seven day Facebook Photo Challenge I accepted after nomination by a ‘mate.’

One of the terms of acceptance was to nominate two others to take up the ‘challenge.’

One of the individuals who accepted my nomination indicated that he had no intention of nominating anyone else to enter and gave the reasons for his decision.

During the past seven days I’ve thought a lot about these so called Facebook photography challenges.

When I first opened a Facebook account I readily accepted these challenge nominations and found them to be fun.

After a while though the ‘fun’ factor reduced to almost zero and I accepted nominations purely on the basis of not wanting to disappoint the nominators.

Then, as happened to my nominee mentioned above, my nominations seemed to get lost somewhere in the blogasphere.

Now, on reflection, I’ve come to the conclusion that what once was fun has ¬†become an unwelcome time waster.

Accordingly, from this day on, this little black duck will gracefully decline to accept any Facebook photo challenge nominations.

It’s hypocritical of course but what pops up here in blog world is vastly different and I view what happens in this space with a totally different mind set.

Hoo roo for now.