Last Sunday, in one of Sydney’s newspapers, the Sun-Herald, there was an article about the styles of clothing etc that people are wearing in the differing demographics of Sydney and its suburbs.

There was a piece in the article about the Sutherland Shire where I lived for many many years.

The Shire as it is known has many wonderful free public swimming pools and the State’s best ¬†surfing beaches. A strong a surf culture pervades the whole of the place.

In my distant youth I was a ‘surfie’ and with my mates carved out our own piece of ‘turf’ on the Cronulla Beach. Of course things were different in the fifties. All that was needed to establish your own ‘turf’ was to regularly(meaning every available minute of every available day, rain, hail or shine) sit, stand or lie down in exactly the same place on the sand, with your enormous beach towel and the wearing briefest allowable swimmers.

That was it, no violence, no confrontations, just recognition that the particular bit of sand was taken, permanently.  The same situation existed on every beach around the country.

But back to the article in point, what really struck me about the article was that recently Lucy Danvers in her blog, Fashion and Frappes, wrote an interesting fashion piece with a similar youngish tribal sort of theme.

Now I’m not into fashion, could be described as a ‘dagg’ in Ausie terms but I though the Sun- Herald’s article would interest and amuse many of us, particularly Lucy Danvers so I scanned the article and here it is, from the Sun Herald of June 14th, 2015:


APJ 004 copy

I hope you can read the print, it’s smaller than I thought it would be.