One of the great things about being a motorcyclist is accumulating T shirts. After you have acquired your first T shirt, they just seem to multiply and fill drawer after drawer.

Strangely, the same phenomena occurs with caps, except the leather variety of course.

Now the other day as I donned my favourite Harley cap that I had bought from Dudley Perkins Co in San Francisco, CA, back in 1992, She Who Must Be Obeyed said to me,’ Why are you still wearing stuff you bought way back in the last century?’

What a revelation! A bloke likes to wear his age well, but advertising you are still partially stuck in the 20th century. No way, after all, just being in the 21st century is a genuine bonus, and 16 years in to boot.

Now tomorrow being Valentines Day I thought I’d show the Mistress of Cassa Creakingbones how much I valued her observations about my headwear. How to do so without buying heart shaped chocolates was the problem.

Then it dawned on me, T shirts from the 20th century.

Under cover of darkness I ratted through my wardrobe(closet to my American friends) and the drawers of the dresser.

What a find, ancient T shirts still neatly ironed and folded, just waiting to be worn.

Not long after first light this morning, I snuck into my studio and photographed some of the collection before I tucked them all away in the studio’s loft, to be retrieved and discussed when the heat is off.

Now I hope my Harley owner friends who read this blog will forgive me for including evidence of an occasional lapse where I’ve been astride a BMW since getting the Harley bug in 1992.

The following images from some of my last century T-shirt collection are here for your amusement. I’ve cropped off most of the shirt fabric as I’m sure oceans of black are of no interest to you.

Last Century T shirt 3_20160213_0001 copy 2In 1962,my employer sent me to the United States of America on a study tour. My first port of call just happened to be the above Harley Dealer in LA where I bought the cap that’s caused today’s feverish exercise.

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0012 copy 2As a guest of the LASD I was presented with this great T shirt and  I’ve worn it many many times here in The Land Down Under.

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0014 copy 2Similarly, I’ve proudly worn this LAPD T-shirt presented to me by the Department, way back in 1992.

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0021 copy 2This and the following images are not in chronological order as they speak for themselves.

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0003 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0026 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0028 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0018 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0023 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0017 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0019 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0009 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0010 copy 2

Last century t shirts No 2_130216_0006 copy 2

When time permits I’ll photograph the balance of my last century T-shirts and in the mean time I’ll come to a decision as to their ultimate fate, in full consultation of course with the Mistress of Cassa Creakingbones.

Hoo roo for now.

PS. The lengthy report I submitted to my superiors after three months overseas conducting  fastidious, meticulous and learned research contained no mention of Harley Davidson dealerships in the USA, Canada and other countries.