Every morning just after daylight, a horde of magpies descend into our backyard and their delightful calls prompt us to boil the billy and have a cuppa.

About 6.15am yesterday(Sunday), the magpies went into a frenzy, zooming down across the front yard at high speed, a yard or so above the grass.

Their quarry, a large fox.

The maggies had the fox totally rattled as it tried to dodge their bombing.

My iPad was handy and I took the following images through the window pane and the fly screen. The fox was in full flight and hows I managed to get the shot was more good luck than good management.

No sooner had the fox sped out of view the magpies returned to the back yard to await their breakfast of stale bread.

It’s incredible how well the iPad made the first two images, considering the fox was in full flight, I was panning the shots, the window was a closed and the fly screen mesh further obscured the view.

Mr Fox copy

foxy copy 2

One of the Casa Creakingbones guardians. Taken with my Nikon D810.

Sunny afternoon at home_0304_0003 copy

Hoo roo for now.