Back in July 2017 when I took delivery of my new Harley I was looking forward to clocking up thousands of HOG miles in the way I used to.

As fate would have it, that was not to be. Poor health and a few other issues, including the weather have kept me off the bike and I’ve only racked up 470 klms or about 292 miles. Just not good enough.

My new machine hasn’t been neglected though.

Seeing my mate’s Aladdin’s Cave made me think about creating my own Man’s Cave in which to store the Harley and the idea is finally becoming a reality.

There is a long way to go, with a wet bar , a couch, a TV, a stereo and sliding glass french doors leading to the outside with a covered patio and BBQ. Really, that’s a long, long, long way to go. Wishful thinking on my part really.

However, the FLSS fits nicely on its carpet square, adjacent to the compressor and a small cupboard containing cleaning gear and other Harley bits and pieces. I was able to fit in a book case too with a shelf reserved for Harley paraphernalia.

I was able to scrounge a coat rack too upon which I’ve hung my jackets and vests.

With the locking ring securely bolted to the floor and the space alarmed, I can securely leave the bike safely stored and out of harm’s way.

Now it’s widely acknowledged that there are many Harley detractors around the place here in The Land Down Under who crack the usual jokes about Harleys, Utes and Cattle Dogs. I don’t have a ute or a cattle dog but I do have a full set of Stanley sockets, spanners and the works stored away in their bright yellow carry case. I included it in the image so detractors will see I am prepared for any eventuality.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my baby safely snoozing in its new home.

Alladin's Cave_20180121_0003 copy

Hoo roo for now