A few weeks back, She Who Must Be Obeyed suggested that I roll the Harley out of the shed and go for a ride, just to clear the cobwebs.

It sounded like a great idea, weather was perfect, traffic almost negligible and both the Harley and I needed a few hours on the road.

After the usual checks, lights, indicators, oil, fuel and tyre pressures, I rolled the bike out onto the launching pad. For the first time I really noticed that my beloved HOG weighs in at 317 kilos or 698 lbs unladen. Throw in the wet weather gear, camera, phone, tyre repair kit, tool kit and a few other odds and ends and the bike certainly is no lightweight.

When I threw the leg over the seat, a further little issue arose. My right boot came into solid contact with the pillion perch and threw me quite off balance. As I always hold the bars when mounting I didn’t fall but I frightened the tripe out of myself, not to mention putting a dirty scrape over the perch.

So there I was, all kitted up to hit the road only to encounter unwelcome distractions before I’d even hit the starter.

Of course, being a bloke, it’s important to always have someone or something to blame when things go a bit pear shaped.

In this instance I was fortunate that there was something to blame. Oh no, not advancing age, buggered knees , a bad back and stiff joints generally.

It was obviously the fault of the pillion perch. Too wide, too high and all together far too prominent.

A solution was close at hand. MJM Custom Motor Bike Seats is located just around the corner from Casa Creakingbones and Mick, the proprietor is well know to me.

Now as luck would have it, I just happened to have a spare Harley pillion perch tucked away in my man cave. Identical dimensions to the one installed on the Harley of course.

Post haste, spare pillion perch under my arm, I was at Mick’s front counter and we discussed practical solutions to my dilemma.

Mick drew a few lines on the spare and I decided that it’s proposed reduced surface area and new shape would solve my problems.

Today I collected the finished perch and fitted it to the bike. To say I’m delighted would be an under statement.

It fits the bike perfectly, my right foot clears it by miles and it still retains its little back support for me when I’m in the saddle.

Here are before and after photos so you can see the difference.






On the odd occasions when carriage of a pillion passenger may be unavoidable, the new perch will fit the bill, provided that the journey is not too great.

After the Christmas break when the traffic eases and the desperados have reached their destinations I’ll venture out and about to show my motorcycle mates the fantastic job Mick has done and demonstrate that despite bung knees and all the rest, ┬ámy Harley suits me to a ‘T’.

Hoo roo for now.