On Saturday 7th March 2015, I left home at 5.30am to meet up with some camera nut friends at 8.30am in Parramatta, Sydney’s western satellite city.

Our objective for the day was to photograph examples of Parramatta’s architecture and to visit ‘Old Government House’, Australia’s oldest surviving public building. That may be the subject of a separate blog at some later date.

I didn’t get to see our current photo101 weekend assignment until after 6pm when I arrived home.

Imagine my surprise when on downloading my day’s images I found a few that almost fit the assignment’s requirements, if you exclude the rule of thirds applying to each of them.

A few moments ago I popped out into the backyard and made two images with the subject top left in one and lower right in the other. How I detest the rule of thirds. In fact I rarely use the rule in my image making.

So kind folk, herewith this weekend’s offering plus the two from this morning, the two Piggys.

My apologies for the randomness of the images, I’m yet to master these Blog techniques.

photo _DSC7262 copy 2
Portrait Piggy 1


photo _DSC1801 copy
Portrait Fountain 1
PHOTO _DSC1802 copy 2
Landscape Fountain 1
photo _DSC1827 copy 2
Landscape Building 1
photo _DSC1828 copy 2
Portrait Building 1
photo_DSC7264 copy
Landscape Piggy 1
photo_DSC1813 copy
Portrait Mall 1
photo_DSC1812 copy 2
Landscape Mall 1
PHOTO _DSC1805 copy 2
Plaza Landscape
PHOTO _DSC1809 copy 2
Plaza Portrait from different view point.

Of These images, my favourite is this Plaza Portrait. I made the image from a different viewpoint as I wanted the frame the artwork on the corner facade of the building in the background and my three associates , dare I saw it, in the lower left third where they would exactly be had I chosen to crop the image.