Didn’t have time yesterday to undertake Day 8’s task, so this morning I popped down to the Wollondilly River to make an image I though suited the requirements.

photo _DSC1959 copy 2
The Wollondilly River in portrait mode.

In the above  image, the meandering river curves around to the right, leading the eye past the river banks.

In the following image, taken in landscape mode, the scene takes on a different feeling with the river still leading the eye but revealing a more expansive view of the river banks.

photo _DSC1958 copy 2
The Wollondilly River, landscape mode.

As a product of the western world’s education system, I read from left to right and it follows that my natural sight sense allows me to follow leading lines at their best if the the lines begin in the left hand side of the image. Works well too if the leading line is in the centre of the frame.

In the following image, my side fence works as a leading line and draws the viewer between the hedge and the eucalypts to the roof line of the house in the background.

It works well compared to the River images as, dare I saw it, it’s start complies with the dreaded rule of thirds, left hand lower corner.

photo _DSC1965 copy 2

So, another morning of photographic fun over till day nine’s email arrives.

Hoo roo till then.