With Easter coming closer day by day I was fiddling around this morning trying to create a photo to go on an Easter card for a friend. Easter bunnies are OK but I couldn’t find one suitable example in my box of tricks. Fortunately I’d already eaten all of the chocolate ones.

Then, that magic moment arrived for there, hidden away in a corner of the box lay two yellow chickens. What to do now. Hard boil an egg. Scoop out the contents and get the card going.

Next, another magic moment, Cheri’s email arrived with todays project and bingo, I was in business. The Easter card has been abandoned till the morrow. What do you think of this:

PHOTO 101 DOUBLE DAY 19 copy 3
                                       WAS THIS EGG A DOUBLE YOLKER?

Unfortunately it wasn’t a double yolkier but that didn’t spoil my fun.

Now how about a bit of rotation, here’s No. 1

PHOTO 101 DOUBLE DAY 19 copy 5
                         HOPE THEY DON’T FALL OUT OF THEIR NEST.

And here is No.2

PHOTO 101 DOUBLE DAY 19 copy 6
                          HANG ON TIGHT, WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?

This is what happened, No.3

PHOTO 101 DOUBLE DAY 19 copy 4
                         ENOUGH, ENOUGH, I’VE HAD ENOUGH!

And finally, before I get too dizzy, Hoo roo for now.

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