Today’s prompt, write today’s story in the first person as told by a twelve year old boy.

I couldn’t believe it. Mom and Dad had gone off to work and left me at home as I pretended to them that I was too sick to go to school. I’d fooled them alright cause Mom rang the school and told them I wouldn’t be there today. She left me lunch and all, and Dad said he’d get home early and told me to stay warm.

Anyway I’d put on the show because I wanted to see what was going to happen with the old bird across the street.

I heard Dad and Mom talking about her and how she was going to be tossed out of her house because the bloke that owned it wanted to knock it down and build a new place or flats. Dad reckoned that since her old man had kicked the bucket the old sheilah had no money and had got behind in the rent.

I couldn’t care less about the old bird, I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me. Every time I kicked a ball and it went into her front yard she’d almost blow a fuse when I ran over to get it back.

I was glad she was getting shoved out.  The best part was that Dad reckoned the cops would be there to help the bloke who owned the place get rid of her. I felt sorry for her dog though, it was a black thing, quite big but real friendly and used to lick me every time it got out and came over to our place for a feed. I reckoned to myself that I’d get it and bring it over to our back yard and hang on to it.

From my perch on the front verandah I could see her place real good. I had some Pepsi and some chips and settled down to wait for the fun to start.

I didn’t have to wait too long. I heard the bloke on the radio say it was just going 11o’clock and almost to the minute, a ute pulled up and a big bloke carrying a pile of papers got out and went up the steps and knocked on the old girl’s door.

I was amazed how quick it happened. The door swung open and she pushed the bloke off the verandah with a mighty shove. The she reached inside, pulled out a broom and whacked him over the head. It was terrific, bloody better than TV.

The bloke jumped up and rushed back to ute, jumped in and slammed the door. I thought he was going to shoot through but when the old girl went back inside and shut the door he got out of the ute and jumped on his mobile phone.

Not long after that two cops in uniform turned up in a van and the three of them went up to the door. I was waiting for the fireworks to start and they sure did. She gave one of the cops a great whack with the broom handle before the other one grabbed her and took the broom off her.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but there was lots of shouting and she was struggling like mad.

I saw the bloke with the papers hand some of them to her and some of them to the coppers and I saw him reading to her.

Then, the cops put her in the front seat of the van and buckled her in. She was quiet by then and as the cop shut the door I could see she was holding onto the papers. Then the  cop who got the whack got into the drivers seat and the other cop got into the cage at the back. I thought that was cool, doing that for her.

They drove her away, to the cop shop probably, anyway, I never saw her again.

The bloke with the papers went inside and a bit later came around from the back dragging the dog and he just got it through the gate, left it there and went back down the drive.

The dog hung around and then came over to our place. I grabbed it by the neck and took it round the back.

The old bird’s house got knocked down a month or so later on and there is a real beaut place there now. A couple of kids house live there and we go to the same school. It doesn’t matter now if I kick my ball into their yard cause if the kids are there they kick it back and if not I just go over and get it, no probs, its just cool bananas.

Oh yair, and the black dog has settled in real good and Dad and Mom reckon it was real decent of the old girl to give it to me.


  1. This is a really great piece of writing. Sounds like a typical 12 year old brat. Really great characterisation and internal monologue. You answered this brilliantly. I like that he is an anti-hero, and it is different to what others (and myself) have probably written. Great job, I really enjoyed this!

    1. Thanks I found it hard to imagine how someone 63 years younger than I think. It’s really pleasing that you thought I was on the right track. Must confessor was fun thinking it pure fore I committed it to print. Again, thanks.

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