Well the last ten days are ten days we could have done without at Casa Creakingbones.

Without prioritising in any order of importance we have experienced:

The death of a close family member and attending the funeral involving a 1700klm/1000mile interstate drive, there and back in two days; 500 klm return drive to the city last Friday, 250klms return drive to Canberra, our Nation’s Capital and on Sunday a 200 klm return drive to Yass, a nearby town.

In all, just a little over 2,650 klms or about 1,647 miles in six days. No wonder a bloke is tired.

On top of that we have had to fit in doctors appointments, visits to specialists and some medical procedures.

Then to add insult to injury, a large scale residential/commercial development has been announced to begin construction just across the way from our little bit of paradise. This means paradise lost, not just for Casa Creakingbones but for all the other families who have built on small acerages just out of town.

Today is the closing date for lodgement of objections to the development. So, I’m off to our local council to seek an extension of time to lodge one. Will permission be granted? Who knows.

Then last night, due to carelessness or stupidity on my part, I destroyed most of the incoming emails on my iPhone which resulted in every other device including this computer getting rid of the lot with no recovery possible. Fortunately our Telco restored usage but the emails can’t be recovered.

On the positive side, if that’s all I’ve got to whinge about, I’m a very, very lucky old bloke.

So now it’s off to the local council, big smile on my face, the epitome of politeness to seek an extension on the lodgement date for objections to the nearby development.

Wish me luck.

Hoo roo for now.


  1. Oh dear, I hope all with go smoothly from today. This evening sit back & have a cold India Pale Ale, she’ll be apples…

    1. Thanks. A few beers lubricated the creative juices. Stage 1 now achieved with an extension granted until Tuesday next. Fingers crossed.

  2. A little late…but, my condolences on your loss.

    Good luck on your objection to the development!

    1. Thanks Dale. Council has provided a copy of my submission to the developer for comment.. Next it goes to the full Council meeting and I get the chance to make an address. Stand by for the next exciting episode.

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