Since my last effort to get to this keyboard, my poor old Landrover has clocked up more than 3,000 k’s so to say things have been a little hectic would be a gross understatement.

For example, last Sunday  I drove over 200 k’s to go to lunch with friends. It was an important luncheon because it had been organised by a mutual motorcycling mate who is in his mid eighties and has been in poor health for the last twelve months or so.

It was unsettling to see him so frail, uncomfortable and should I say it, yes, miserable.

He was accompanied by his daughter who had come from out of State to give him a morale boost as his wife has popped over to Europe to attend, wait for it, seventeen operas. I kid you not.

This was the first time in our over 30 year friendship that he has actually organised any of our joint activities so as I said, it was an important engagement of all of us.

Lunch was served and we all noticed that our old mate had barely touched his meal. Then his posture began to sag and it was obvious to us all that he wasn’t at all comfortable. Suddenly, he sat upright and said to his daughter,’Come on, it’s time to go’.

With that he rose from the table, bid us all farewell, shook hands all round, kissed the ladies and accompanied by his daughter left for his long trip home to Sydney.

A feeling of gloom descended on our table and although not expressed aloud, I’m certain that we all felt our old mate was completing his ‘bucket list’.

Anyway, apart from that doom and gloom episode, Casa Creakingbones has been an hive of activity with appointments, meetings, problem solving, pet management, appliance renewal together with all of the other ‘must do’ chores necessary to keep our little piece of paradise ship shape.

Accordingly, I’ve decided to have a break from everything for a week or so in order to recharge my batteries.

The only routine I intend to retain while the battery charger is connected will be to read your blogs.

Hoo roo for now.


  1. I think I have figured out the Hoo roo means good bye. That is sad about your friend but I hope he stays alive and well much longer. Nice of you all ya’lls friends for supporting him and going to that meeting.

  2. Sounds like a nice lunch, but I am sorry about your friend’s deteriorating health. I hope he gets a bit better. Glad that things are going well at Casa Creakingbones.

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