The only residents in the small town of Miners Hill are ‘spirits’.

Why is this so you ask? ‘Don’t ask me mate’. If I said that I’d just be perpetuating the myths that swirl around the place like mists in the dead of winter.

The answer is simple really. Just take your pick. (1) It’s just a matter of supply and demand. (2) basic economics or (3) gross mismanagement.

I’m going to tell you it’s a mixture of (1) and (2). You see, Miners Hill was once the richest source of tungsten in the world. In fact, the mob that ran the place thought they could monopolise world supply, set any prices they liked and sit pretty forever.

Mismanagement alright. China had Tungsten too plus cheap labour and no unions.

Result, a worldwide Tungsten glut, prices plunged, Miners Hill was forced into liquidation.

Everyone left town.

The end.(150 words)

Barbara Beacham is the kind hostess of this challenge, Mondays Finish the Story.  She provides us with a photo prompt and the first sentence and we have to finish the story in 150 words. This is my response to the challenge. If you would like to participate in the fun just click on this link, MFtS.

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  1. I really liked this CB! I like the twist you took that the spirits were basically people that left the town not ones who were dead. Nicely done!

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