Young Freddy loved everything about St Swithens. The games, the stories  Reverend Upjohn told  and the mysteries that lay behind the locked doors. When he turned nine he learned first hand from Upjohn of the vileness behind the locked doors.

His parents noticed a change in Freddy. No longer an outgoing, smiling, joking boy who loved  the church.

Normally polite, and responsive, he refused to answer any questions when asked if anything was wrong. For years, his bedroom, door closed, became his refuge. Sundays became a major drama complete with tantrums, wailing and cowering on the way to St Swithens.  During his teens, this strange behaviour was dismissed as hormonal changes.

On his  20th birthday, a Saturday, he went alone to St Swithens after telling his parents he was camping with friends.

Freddy never came home.

On Sunday morning when St Swithens was opened Reverend Upjohn was found naked and hacked to death behind the altar. Freddy was dead, hanged behind a closed door.

(164 words)

Photo credit ©PricelessJoy
This is my 164 word submission for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a photo prompt and 100-150 words give or take 25, with which to write our story.
This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. If you are interested, click on this link: FFfAW

4 thoughts on “FFfAW – DRAMA AT ST SWITHENS

  1. That was so dark and full of bitter truth. Poor fred, only if his parents could be more to helpful to understand his change.. :/

  2. Through my working life I became aware that scars from these incidents never heal. Here in Australia we are having a Royal Commission of inquiry into sex crimes against children. Some of the evidence is horrifying and formed the basis for my story.

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