My nomination by Staces Place for  the  liebster-blog-award award came at just the right time.

I’d been fortunate to receive nomination for the big L. A.  previously but due to unforeseen Casa Creakingbones circumstances at the time, I’d had no choice but to decline the privilege.

Now it appears that all is travelling smoothly at Casa Creakingbones and I can take up the challenge and join in the fun.

As pointed out by Staces Place, there appear to be three main requirements for recipients and they are:

1     Answer questions posed by their nominator.

2     Nominate another group of bloggers you deem to be worthy of the award.

3     Pose a number of questions for the fresh bunch of nominees to answer.

Prima facie, everything seems to be straight forward, so here we go with the questions posed for nominees by Staces Place.

1. How long have you been blogging?  After a lengthy lay off, I started again earlier this year.

2. Why do you blog?  I find the mental stimulation enjoyable and the exposure to other bloggers has opened up a whole new world of understanding how people in other parts of the world have the same ideals, needs, wants and worries as do I.

3. Where would you prefer to live, in the mountains or at the coast?  I lived on the coast at Cronulla in New South Wales for almost 40 years and also lived and worked in many inland country towns. I never thought I could give up my love of surfing, sea kayaking, beach fishing and other water sports all of which successfully coexisted with my involvement in cycle racing (the pedalling kind) ,motorcycling and outback exploring in my Landrover.

Then the opportunity came to move, look stock and barrel onto the South West Slopes. Best move I ever made. No more surf, sea kayaking, beach fishing etc. I now couldn’t give a hoot about all that. Here, the hills are not only alive with the sound of music, but the sounds of birds, bees and all of natures fantastic and exciting things. And yes, it does snow here from time to time and yes, the temperature drops below freezing in the early morning hours. Fantastic, no humidity, no smog, no bumper to bumper traffic, hardly any crime, great shopping and less than a dozen sets of traffic lights. I could go on and on.

So, the short answer to the question, Mountains.

4.   Do you follow or participate in any sport?  Football of any code, absolutely not. Cycle racing, absolutely, though only as an observer. Tennis, yawn, yawn, same for lawn bowls, snooker and croquet. Now Golf, I totally support that game and actively encourage it. As a golfing widower, I have several days of peace and absolute tranquility per week. I feel that 18 holes is far from sufficient and perhaps 36 holes per day would be well supported by other widowers.

5.   Do you follow any specific diet or regime? No.

6.   Do you have pets?  Certainly do, two cats, Ginger and Tom. Then, peacefully coexisting in our large aviary are six princess parrots, four burke parrots, and two lorikeets.

7.  What pushes your buttons on and off?  A great ride on the Harley pushes all the on buttons. Indecisive people immediately press my off button .




How long have you been blogging and why do you blog?

Are you an inquisitive person?

Do you collect ‘friends’ on Facebook?

What is your preference in music, e.g., country, hip hop, popular or classical etc?

What is your favourite movie and your favourite book?

What has been your favourite road trip?

I hope all my nominees can accept the award and have as much fun with its as have I.

Thanks again  Staces Place.


  1. Congratulation on Liebster Award. You are really getting awards now. I found all five days photo challenge on your site but for some reason, I didn’t receive posts (except Day One) although I follow your blog. Thank you, friend, for doing challenge. They are good pictures of you, brothers and friends. I love the hog vests. What do they symbolize? Anne

    1. Thank you. On the vest, the curved rockers are issued by Harley every year to indicate membership. Road captain rocker is issued to riders who qualify to lead rides, give directions to riders and control speeds, indicate hazards and generally keep riders as safe as possible. The small black mileage patches that I have on the back of the vest indicate Harley’s recognition of miles travelled. My last one a few years back was for reaching 120,000 miles on Harleys. I’ve run out of room so haven’t applied for more, now my miles travelled is nearly 180,000 miles.
      Anyway, the list goes on and on. I guess when it’s all boiled down it’s purely marketing. All good fun though and supporting a brand you know and trust isn’t such a bad thing.
      I appreciate your interest, thanks again.

  2. Congratulations ☺ That is so cool ☺ And so i learn more about you. ☺ Question: when you nominated did you mean me (

    1. I certainly meant you Greg. Perhaps it’s now become compulsory that I don my specs whenever I go near the keyboard.
      I’m really enjoying your responses to the challenge.

  3. Such amiable answers. I always enjoy reading what you have to say. I, too, am a lover of cycling and golf, except I like to play it and, if I understood you correctly, you like that it gets you wife out of the house? 🙂

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