It’s funny how some individuals curse social media and advancing technology. They make excuses  that they don’t need it, don’t want it, can’t understand it or can’t be bothered with it. And as for iPads, Kindles and the like they chant in unison, ‘Bring back the good old written word , nothing beats going to bed with a good book.’

However, when, for some reason, the technology is suddenly unavailable they feel deprived, agitated, cut off from the main stream and more importantly, they have no plausible excuse requiring them to turn on the computer, that object they so despise.

With Casa Creakingbones being cut off from the net for the last seven or eight days there has been considerable discussion here about the net, web sites, blogs, emails and other topics revolving around general matters technological. Did those discussions canvas our service disruption and its causation? Oh no, matters of far greater importance.

All positive of course! For example; Why do we need high speed downloads? Why do we need a screen with greater resolution? Do we really need a larger screen for the big desk top? Why are there so many updates to Google? We pay how much for our internet connection! Surely the nine ink tanks for the printer don’t cost that much!!!!! Do we really need another external 8 terabyte hard drive? Why should we get a new Macbook Pro with a superdrive when we never use the one we already have?

The list goes on.

Now I realise that none of you would ever, possibly, even in your wildest dreams even pose such questions. Not even silently to yourselves.

That is because we know all of the foregoing are essentials in maintaining our digital lifestyle, to remain in contact with the outside world, to blog and to use snipe on eBay.

However, from early AM today there is no need for me to ponder on how to honestly answer the matters that have been the subject of such serious discussion within the walls of Cassa Creakingbones.

Simply put, the computer in my Significant Other’s office is back on line, email has been restored. Eureka, we are back in touch with the Knitters Guild, the Golf Club, the University of the Third Age,The Wildlife Rescue Service,The Patchwork Group, The Luncheon Club and quite a few other minor organisations, not to mention those individuals listed in the address book.

Fortunately, as is expected of any bloke, I’m way in front with all of the organisations with which I simply have to remain in contact, for example, the two Camera Clubs, the four motor bike clubs and all of the blokes I regularly ride with. Now I can get off the phone and back to the key board.

Even our two cats have noticed the impact of the reconnect and are peaceful sleeping with full stomachs on their respective lounge chairs in our family room. Peace indeed.

Just in closing, I understand that the bloke operating the front end loader who expertly severed the telco’s underground cables will be refinancing his residence in the near future.


  1. Your post reminded me of something. In Pakistan, whenever the electricity would shut down, we all family would gather, we talked and played games. Times when tech world wasn’t easily in our hands. Those are the best memories of my childhood. I sometimes wish to shut the electricity of my house and kill the tech around us so we would just se each other, bear with each other and probably bond better.
    Thanks for reminding me simpler times. And I am glad to see you here! 🙂

  2. Thank you. I feel exactly the same, simpler times, simpler needs and wants and interesting conversations around the table at meal times. As the song goes,’ Those were the days my friend’

    It’s good to be back here though.

  3. Good to know that all’s up and running at Casa Creakingbones. And you pose some very true questions. Sometimes I feel we’re being deluded into wanting stuff that we don’t really need. But we do anyway to keep up with the rest. These days me and my roommates have dinner over a Youtube video, and that’s what we talk about through the course of the meal too. Gone are the “real” conversations.

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