I pointed out yesterday that I’ve been nominated by bCL Photography to post my three favourite quotes, one a day for three consecutive days and I’ve thanked bCL for the nomination.

Today posed a bit of a quandary quote wise and I thought hard and fast about it during the four hour drive there and back this morning to a meeting which lasted the whole of 21 minutes exactly, I kid you not.

Yes, I came to a conclusion.

No, you are incorrect, I didn’t conclude to tell the subject club committee where to gently place their AGM papers.

I concluded that today I’d have a bet both ways in the quotation department and suggest you take the decision which quote best fills the subject, JUSTICE.

Firstly, I was going to post the motto of my career employer:

‘Culpam Poena Premit Comes’. When translated from the Latin, it becomes,’ Punishment follows closely upon crime’.

However, as today is the shortest day, June 21st, I didn’t want you all wasting the daylight hours struggling with your Latin to ensure I’d got the translation right.

Accordingly I decided upon my real world favourite law enforcement quote, straight from the mouth of Jack Lord, better known as the famous Detective Sergeant Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five O who continually directed his side kick Detective Danny Williams to, ‘Book him Danno’.

I’ve always thought that ‘Book Him…..’, has a much better ring to it that,’Place him under arrest’.

Of course, if the suspect happened to be female, these days I guess we would say,” Excuse me Madam but I must immediately take you into custody, please be careful of your hair style whilst we gently place you in the back of our sedan car for the short and comfortable ride to the nearest police station. Please fasten your seat belt’.

I must add in closing that I always remember McGarrett saying, ‘Take him down and book him Danno’. However my research  indicates that those words were never uttered during the series.

So in closing, here are the three nominees for today with the reminder that acceptance is not mandatory:

1  Beyond Beiruit

2 Juliar1 – Travelling Banana

3  Yan Balczewski – From Hiding to Blogging.


Hoo roo until tomorrow’s final quote.


  1. Since today is the longest day of the year over here, I’ll have plenty of daylight to spend wondering whether your third to the last paragraph is sexist. 😊

  2. How could a sensitive new age guy like me possibly make a sexist statement?
    I’m all into equality. That’s what I always provide my significant other with a clean tea towel after she has done the washing up. However, if Desma reads this I will be the one having the longest day.
    I should point out that when you are married to a trained killer one has to be conscious of the importance of subservience.

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