Anne Murray of ‘The Main Focus, blog fame has nominated me to enter the First Post Challenge.

Part of the requirement for entry is to nominate five bloggers to continue with the challenge.

I think I’ve worn out my welcome nominating writers for this and that over the past couple of weeks so I’m going to refrain from casting the nominee net this time around.

However, it was fun looking up my first blog on our fabulous WP site.

It was 30th August, 2012 and I called my blog that day ‘Hello World’.

I’ve no idea what my writing was all about that day, why I chose to have a blog at all and now the blog has long gone from the WP archives.

Then for some reason, lost in the sands of time, I never posted another word until February 28th this year, 2015.

What prompted me to resume using my blog? I’ve absolutely no idea, but whatever the reason I’m so glad I did and I’m glad it’s now ‘Random Ravings from Downunder’  and not ‘Hello World’.

‘Hello World’ was the intro used by one of Australia’s greatest radio stars, John Laws, and I must apologise to the man with the Golden Microphone ( and tonsils) for using it. It was only now, typing this that I recalled John Laws opening his program on the great old radio 2UE Sydney with those two words. It’s been over twenty five years since I’ve heard his voice so I’ve no idea whatsoever why,in 2012 I’d use ‘Hello World’.

So there we are, a reprieve for all those not named today to carry forward the First Post Challenge and a thank you to The Main Focus for causing me to go back to 2012 on what could have been a voyage of discovery.


  1. And now I know your blog is entitled Random Ravings From Down Under and not creakingbones, sorry.

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