Yesterday with a group fellow motorcyclists we were discussing our bikes and how our gear accumulates over time.  Somehow or other the conversation turned to an old Vaughn Monroe song,’Black Denim Trousers and Motor Cycle Boots’ that was on the hit parade back about 1955. Don’t ask me how the song entered into our conversation but we all agreed how much we liked the lyrics.

Then someone remarked that in the song, after the tattooed rider crashed, all that could be found were his,’Black denim trousers and  motor cycle boots and his black leather jacket with an eagle on the back’. We all agreed that our wardrobes (closets for our American cousins) were full of ‘black denim trousers, motorcycle boots and black leather jackets’.

No mention was made of any kind of clear our and disposal. Oh no, each item had its own link to particular events and had to be retained at any cost.

So, this morning when my wife was away playing golf, I decided to see what goodies lurked in the dark corners of our walk in wardrobe.

Now jeans are jeans and I’m sure that during the night they breed because there seemed to be more pairs there this morning  than when I looked yesterday. Leather jackets, no, because they have their own cupboard in the bike shed.

However my motorcycle boot collection turned out to be another matter entirely. There seemed to be a never ending collection lurking in the dark against the back wall.

Seven pairs of motor cycle boots. I know, I can only wear one pair at a time but being a bloke, there is a special reason for having each individual pair. Don’t worry, I won’t go into too much detail.

However, I must tell you, the two tall pairs in the centre are known here by their brand name, ‘Jonny Rebs’. They are almost compulsory foot wear for Harley riders. The boots at the far right with the red labels are Goretex® lined Harley Davidson riders boots. Ideal for wet weather riding.

The shortest of the three tall pairs are by an Australian outback legend, R.M. Williams, known as the Bushman’s Outfitter. I’ve worn these boots on and off the bike for over thirty years. The soles and heels have been replaced many times, but the uppers, apart from one small bit where my dog chewed some leather away, are as fine as the day I purchased them.

Here they are, all in a row. I apologise for the lens distortion that makes our family room walls look other than vertical. That’s the problem caused by using a 20mm lens and not giving enough space at the edges of the image to make lens correction in Photoshop.

                             BOOTS, BOOTS AND MORE BOOTS

One thing’s for sure, my collection will give my heirs and successors something to argue about  when they get me ready for my last ride to boot hill. On a Harley Davidson of course.

PS, now I have to put them all away.


  1. This was such a lovely post, I love learning about the history of clothing, shoes, as well as learning why it is special to someone. It must have been so fun to lay out your boots and take this photo. Looks like a great set of moments.

  2. … and I thought I was the one with shoe fetish. You just made me feel so much better mate! I like those boots.

    1. Thanks. Perhaps I should photograph my other footwear too? Should we all now call you Amelda after Mrs Marcos and her shoe fetish.

      1. Haha, she had thousands! I’ve got the love but not the $ to indulge. DH rolls eyes when I see shoes. FIL gave me vouchers for UGG when I last visited Perth. Yeah, do show your other range. 😀

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