It’s been a while since my last post and a lot of water has passed under the bridge during the time( read money out of the bank). Nothing dramatic mind you, just time consuming small, annoying  events that crop up in every household over time.

For example, our beloved 1984 Landrover referred to always as Mr Brown, (no guessing his colour) required a new set of tyres and tubes in order that he would pass his annual inspection with flying colours. Simple you may say. Not quite. In a metric world, a 32 year old motor vehicle with 16inch rims presents a bit of a dilemma in the fitting department. Tubeless tyres need not apply.

Are there any relatively cheap modern tyres that will safely fit? Perhaps, but sourcing them presents a challenge, particularly if you live in a country town.

In short, Mr Brown was fitted with five modern, metric size tyres and tubes. They look absolutely fabulous. They run quiet, are safe in the wet, last forever according to the salesman and cost only A$300.00 each. On top of that was a fitting charge and an extra charge for disposal of the old tyres. Oh yes, mustn’t forget the wheel balance fee.

I don’t mind admitting that I needed a beer or two after paying the bill.

However, on the positive side, Mr Brown is now sporting the very best of tyres available for a 1984 Landrover. He is a beauty and deserves the very best.

On the negative side, his proud owners are now on bread and water during their cash recovery stage.

This parlous state of affairs was exacerbated by our pet cat, Tom, requiring urgent dental treatment. I always thought that regular dentistry for humans was an expensive exercise. I can tell you I was way off beam.

Feline dentistry puts the human variety to shame.

On the positive side again, Tom is now eating as if there is no tomorrow. Just between you and me, if he has to be kept on the super expensive, post dental, feline specialist dental health diet, there certainly will be no tomorrow. I mean for me, not Tom. She who must be obeyed would never consider skimping on our two cats.

Then, the 20 year old ride on lawn mower turned up its toes after rendering magnificent service for all of those years.

After a diligent search, I was able to purchase a second hand mower with only 35 hours on the clock. Just another A$2500.00 but that included a beaut little trailer.

Why a ride on you may ask. Well, mowing an acre of grass with a push mower is not recommended for individuals of mature age. Ride ons are the only way to go.

I could go on, describing in great detail how the automatic timing system for our water bore has gone on the blink, requiring our acre of grass, not lawn, grass to be watered by hand. I’ll spare you the detail.

The  Harley needs some TLC too but Mr Brown, Cats, Ride On Lawnmowers, Christmas presents, insurances, vehicle rego fees, council rates etc have pushed the Harley to the far end of an ever expanding list of ‘Must be done soon.’

Well, that’s the end of my whinge for today. Should you decide  never again to bread my blog, I fully understand.

Hoo roo for now.





  1. Happy new year! My blog has sat dormant for weeks too so what a coincidence that you and I have both chosen this week to put ‘fingers to key’s again! When I started reading about Mr Brown, I thought he’d been sent to the knackers yard so I’m very pleased to hear he has new wheels and a new lease of life. Hoo roo for now!

    1. And a most happy 2016 to you also. Mr Brown will be going onto the Historic Vehicle Register later this year. He was the first of his type registered in Australia and his NSW Rego certificate describes him as ‘Model Unknown’. What a hoot.
      Great to get back to reading about your adventures too. Hoo roo till next time.

      1. Thanks 🙂 I’m about three quarters of the way through them. But it is fun 🙂 Some of the highlights I post on my Instagram. 🙂

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