My slide cull is continuing, although without much success, probably because every slide brings back many memories of events,places and times.

However, it’s the particulars, or should I say the lack thereof, of the events, places and times that is slowing down the process.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm for making images was not followed through with accurate record keeping at that time. I’ve a reasonably accurate memory bank but it’s not resolving many of the event, place and time dilemmas of my own making.

However, here is one success where my memory has not deserted me.

On a Victorian HOG Rally a few years back, a ride was organised to the ski resort at Falls Creek in the Victorian Snowy Mountains.

A large number of us set off with great expectations of endless mountain views on the ascent,  great  chalet visits and a rapid ride on the return descent.

As you will see from the following image, nature determined that it would not be so.

The descent was hair-raising but exhilarating and we all got back to the campsite with no untoward incidents occurring.

By the way, I’ve not a single image of mountain views from this ride.

A great time for wearing an open face helmet.

Hoo roo for now


  1. It’ll be of no consolation to know that I’m having the same issue with my slide collection. There are about 3000 with decent records and 3000 without and like you they mostly seem to have an emotional hook on me! I also can’t seem to get on sorting them out without falling into a cozy wallow of nostalgia!
    Oh yes, cloudy, wet, snowy mountains on a Harley….been there too!
    Spooky eh?

  2. Thanks David. However I’ve just learned that making a double space after a punctuation mark is no longer acceptable as the new typefaces are designed to create space, make a double into a triple.
    That effectively precludes me from typing a lengthy manuscript as my touch typing has programmed me to double space. I am therefore a proof readers nightmare.

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