My ancient Mac Book Pro (born 2006) finally went bye byes last Sunday.  It’s replacement, an Apple 12.9 inch IPad Pro complete with Apple keyboard and Pencil.

So far the transition from the old to the new has been relatively painless but I’ve got the feeling that in the days ahead the learning curve will be quite a steep one.

To be honest it feels a little odd to be sitting in the lounge room with the newbie sitting on my knee as I type and pretend I’m only 12 years of age as I watch TV, look out the window at the passing parade, converse with SWMBO and retain my train of thought for this epistle.

One thing is for sure though, the operating speed is incredible. No sooner have I typed a sentence that a little reminder pops up on the screen telling me that it’s been saved! No wonder my thought processes seem stationary.

Next on the agenda is working out how to retrieve images from my files to add to my blogs. To that end I’ve downloaded the multi page instruction manual to study in bed.  I don’t feel the least bit guilty  that I should be reading the latest novel set for the April meeting  of our book club. There are another three weeks before the book club cross examination begins and I’ll certainly have a beginners handle on this iPod by then.

The benefits of this little technological wonder are endless. For example, I can sit in bed with the book club novel and  record my thoughts as I turn the pages. Then I can take the iPad to the meeting and dazzle everyone with my grasp of 21st century technology.

However at this point, being at the base of that steep learning curve I’ve referred to, it is probably more prudent for me to make my notes in pencil as per usual and leave this mobile marvel at home until I really do know what I’m talking about.

So there we are, iPad christened in the best possible way, spell checker working a treat and I haven’t missed a single word in NCIS.

Hoo roo for now



    1. I’m sure that I’ll get the hang of it. My grasp is a bit tenuousat the moment but hopefully will improve. Have to get a new SIM for it so I can use it away from my wi-fi.

  1. Haha. Let me know how you like it when you get a little further up that curve. My ancient iPad2 needs replacing soon. P.S. What book are you supposed to be reading?

    1. Thanks Julie. The book is ‘The 2 and a 1/2 Pillars of Wisdom’ by Alexander McCall Smith, ISBN 978-0-349-11850-5.

      It’s quite an unusual read, not one I’d personally choose but should create some interesting discussion at our meeting in April.

  2. You would start loving it soon, if not already! I have always loved Apple products, and can’t wait for their new iPhone this year 🙂

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