This morning, under the kitchen window,  our resident magpies were bunging on an act  because they hadn’t been given their regular early morning snack of mince meat.

Fortunately for the maggies,  earlier this morning SWMBO had discovered a raw chicken breast that had found its way to the back of the fridge and outlived its use by date by over a week.

Tom and Ginger, our two house cats recoiled immediately they smelt the chicken and it was decided that the magpies, being wild birds and noted for their ability to eat anything meaty would soon demolish it.

Opening the back door, I threw the offending morsel onto the grass. and immediately the magpies descended onto it and began to tear it into small beak sized pieces.

As Tom, Ginger and the magpies peacefully co-exist in our backyard  I wasn’t surprised when Ginger came out and sat at my feet, watching the magpies demolishing the chicken that could have been his.

I ducked back inside, grabbed the camera, whacked on a lens and returned to the backyard. The scene was just as I’d left it, magpies munching and Ginger taking observations.

BLOG Maggies and Ginger_21Apr2017_0001 copy

No sooner had I made this image than Ginger decided it was time to get back inside into the warmth of the central heating. I grabbed another image as he began to turn away from the magpies and their chicken snack,

blog _DSC6213 copy

Magpies, crows, pigeons, galahs, sparrows, willy wagtails, sulphur crested cockatoos  and various other native birds frequent our backyard and spend a lot of time on the ground.

In all the years we have had cats, which by the way, are only allowed out of the house during daylight hours, we have never had a instance where the cats have attacked the birds or vice versa.

That’s nature for you.

Hoo roo for now.