Over the last few weeks I’ve ready quite a number of great blogs where the writers have related the fun and pleasure provided by their cat or cats.  The supporting images are great too and one wonders how anyone could dislike our feline friends.

Casa Creakingbones is home to two cats, Tom and Ginger, both of whom have been the subject of previous blogs.

Ginger is, as the name implies, a ginger cat. He adopted our place as his home a couple of years ago, firstly by sneaking in through the cat flap, pinching Tom’s food and retiring to the garage to sleep on the back seat of our Land Rover.

Eventually, after the vet had cleared him of any disease and given him the appropriate inoculations he became a permanent and welcome household resident.

Like all cats, Ginger sussed out all of the good inside spots to have a bit of a rest, particularly on sun drenched chairs.  He snores loudly when lying on his back, his favourite sleeping position. This is a typical pose:

Ginger relaxing_160808_0002 copy

He’s now developed a sixth sense which alerts him to whenever SWMBO sits in her favourite chair to either knit, read the paper or watch TV.

Does he sit on her lap as does Tom, enjoy a bit of a cuddle and then roll up purring.

Oh no, not Ginger. Like a flash he leaps onto the chair, climbs to the top of the backrest and immediately begins to click SWMBO’s hair. It’s become such a regular occurrence now that SWMBO accepts it as the norm and lets him have his way with her.

Ginger and Des_29Apr2017_0017 copy2


Ginger and Des_29Apr2017_0021 copy2
Ginger and Des_29Apr2017_0029 copy2

The whole process takes about four or five minutes before Ginger has had enough and returns to one of his rest up spots.

Fortunately he doesn’t find the crown of my head in the least bit appealing, probably because it’s devoid of hair. Them’s the breaks. I must confess that I don’t feel the least bit jealous of his attraction to SWMBO’s hair.

Hoo roo for now

10 thoughts on “CATS AT REST AND PLAY.

  1. Ha-haa! That is–in a word–hilarious! 😀 😀 😀

    Nevertheless, I remain a dog person. I’ve just never trusted cats… Sure, they can be entertaining, but they’ve always struck me as master manipulators.

  2. Aw! Bless Ginger! SWMBO obviously uses tasty hair products that Ginger is tempted by unless he is just thanking the person who feeds him! Lovely photographic record of his antics – thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks David. I used burst mode to ensure I could catch the tongue out. I understand that the new multi K dollar Sony has a burst mode of 90 frames per minute. Not really rotten for a sports photographer. Too expensive for mere mortals to make the change over.

      By the way, Miri is a great name. No wonder you chose it. Pun intended.

  3. There is something about photos of cats being cats that just make a person laugh out loud. 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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