I’ve just finished reading Hogrider Dookes’ latest blog where he outlines a dilemma facing his best mate, Mr G.

Mr. G is recovering from serious injuries received when he was hit by a moror vehicle whilst riding his beloved motorcycle.

During Mr G’s early recovery phase apparently he gave serious consideration to abandoning two wheel and turning to sports cars as an alternative. However, as his recovery accelerates his thoughts have returned positively to the world of two wheels. So much so that recently Dookes accompanied him to a local motorbike dealer where Mr G test sat bike after bike. His dilemma, what brand, size and style will suit him best when the time comes to venture back on the road astride a motor cycle.

Reading ย of Mr G’s dilemma reminded me that he is not alone in facing these decisions.

On my 6oth birthday down in the pub, ย I recall a much older mate saying to me,’ Getting old isn’t for sissies!’ Seemed a rather inane thing to say and we all laughed.

Seventeen years have passed since then and my old mate is now in motor cyclists’ heaven. However, I no longer think that his comment all those years ago was far from the mark.

This brings me Mr G’s dilemma. I’ve been down a similar path, not through injury.

Harley Davidsons have been part of my life for more years than I care to remember and I’ve enough Harley T Shirts to start my own retail clothing store, not to mention Harley boots, Harley caps, Harley helmets, Harley gloves, Harley spare parts, Harley oils and Harley cleaning gear etc. ย The list goes on and on.

Here is my current pride and joy, a 2014 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic.

Heritage with a bit more bling_0603_0001 copyThe unfortunate part of my yarn is that this beautiful piece of modern motorcycle art spends almost all of its time in the shed attached to a battery charger and not out on the open road, attached to my bum.

The reason is quite simple.

In 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer. Underwent radical surgery, all went well and I’m now in remision. A cancer diagnosis brings you back to reality with a thud I can tell you.

Since then I’ve been through numerous minor surgical procedures, not life threatening but scary never the less.

The funny thing is that almost every medico I’ve seen in recent years has suggested, quite bluntly, that the place for the Harley is on the market, not on the road with me in the saddle.

As a result, my desire to ride waxes and wanes on a daly basis and I decline, politely of course, invitatiions to go riding with my mates. The desire seems to be discipating ever so gradually.

Now a month or so back I finally decided that the Harley had to go and its replacement was to be a Mazda MX5 sports car. Red of course. What a dream. Crashed to earth heavily when in the showroom SWMBO and I discovered to our horror that we couldn’t fit in the bloody thing.

Back to the drawing board. Two wheels are back in with a vengence.

Since that day I’ve been to every motor cycle dealer within cooee and I’ve kicked every tyre imaginable looking for a motor bike that weighs in under 327 kilos(732.48 lbs) unladen, fits my body shape and is kind to two bung knees.

The result has been in the negative without exception.

That brings me back to the dilemma I share with Mr G. Two wheels or not two wheels? That is the question. Apologies to The Bard of course.


Hoo roo for now.






  1. My mom’s husband, Ed, a large, 6’5″ man, bought a 1960 Mazda Miata – red, of course – a few years ago. He had to remove the top in order to get in and out of it and, as a result, he rarely drove it. Maybe twice. Now that he has passed, it sits all red and shiny in her garage while she figures out how to sell it. Perhaps she should keep it. She is a petite 5’2″ and would fit in it just fine. An 86 year old zipping around town in a vintage red sports car would be kind of adorable.

    1. I kid you not, an 80 year old woman was taking delivery of a brand new Mazda soft top when we were in the dealership. The grin on her face was almost as large as the car. The salesman told us her age after she left in the car.

      I agree with your comment about zipping around town in the car, it would be worth while getting booked for speeding and getting a Guiness Book of Records entry. Imagine the fun the press would have. Your mom would be an instant celebrity.

  2. Hmm. It’s a common problem mate, we all get older and our bikes seem to get heavier!
    I love my Ultra Limited, but it’s like riding half a truck at times and I know that it won’t be on my roster for ever; fortunately I’ve got my beloved Softail as well, life can be tough sometimes! That said, there are some cracking good smaller bikes out there, I guess you’ve just got to force yourself around some dealers and try a few different ones out….like I said, life can be tough!๐Ÿ˜Ž
    Thanks for the heads up about my mate G, I think he’s going to be fine. Like you he just needs to find what works best for him, I’m going to have to help with the test rides though….just to make sure that he chooses wisely!!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Thanks Dookes.Our Ulysses Club motto is ‘Grow Old Disgracefully’ so I’m going to wear my club T-shirt when I go on a tyre kicking spree. Have fun with the test rides, Mr G will get a grin on his face when he see you on a Honda step through.

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