For a few months now the bones have certainly been creaking and combined with a couple of other issues, I’ve been keeping well clear of my keyboard.

That’s not to say that I’ve been sitting idle. Far from it. In fact I would now qualify as a full trained furniture/carton removalist.

How so you may ask? Simple really. A mate has had to move house and asked if I could help him move and store some of his hobby gear until he resettled. Mates are mates so of course I agreed.

It was only then that I was admitted to his hobby room.

Now I already qualify for admittance to the Bower Bird Bloke(BBB) category. I can’t get rid of anything. However I’ve never seen a hobby room packed like my mate’s.

Have a look at this photo:

Alladin's Cave_20180121_0001 copy

After I’d recovered from my shock he took me into the shed and there were five other cardboard boxes, all stuffed with more of his model collection.

I couldn’t resist another photo:

Alladin's Cave_20180121_0005 copy

Over time it all migrated to Casa Creakingbones and is yet to find a resting place. Locating a spot is proving to be a little difficult because his ‘stuff’ is increasing in volume. Β He discovered that his furniture had to find a temporary hiding place too so mates being mates, Casa Creakingbones is also the temporary repository of a bedroom suite, a lounge suite, a dining room suite plus a kitchen table and chairs. Oh, and the lawnmower and all the garden tools.

Silly me, I forgot to mention his five racing bikes and assorted wheels. They actually fit in well beside my three racing bikes, spare wheels and other cycling paraphernalia.

Back in the day when I was racing there were thirteen, not a typo, bikes hanging in the garage. Only ten of them were mine, the other three belonged to SWMBO who also held a Cycling NSW Race Licence. That’s a story for another day.

Hoo roo for now.




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      1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I must admit that after a 2-year break, it is also strange working again. LOL But the good side is that I can pay the mortgage πŸ™‚

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