It’s not often that you see hostilities break out between two birds on a golf course.

Between blokes, possible, but birds, never.

The Rules of Golf as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, Scotland and the United States Golf Association are quite clear where it comes to behaviour on the course.

Section 1 of the Rules covers Courtesy on the Course under the title of ETIQUETTE.

The first two Rules under Section 1 are Safety followed by Consideration of Other Players.

I was on my local course last Wednesday and I observed a significant breach of of the first two rules under Section 1.

From where I was positioned I could see that a small area near the river was occupied by two participants, obviously vying for space.

As I watched I saw the smaller of the two approach the other in what I can only describe as a ‘sneaky fashion’.  No words were exchanged but I could see that the body language of both was anything but friendly.

The space between the two increased suddenly and it seemed that all was well between them.

How wrong I was in my assumption.

From my vantage point I noticed that one had its back to the other. Immediately the smaller approached in a covert manner and appeared to accost the other.

This produced an immediate and hostile response, causing the offender to beat an immediate and rapid retreat.

Fortunately I had my camera close at hand as I had recorded an image of both protagonists for information the Club Committee should  evidence be required at any forthcoming inquiry under the terms of Section 1 of The Rules of Golf.

This meant that I was able to record the moment hostilities broke out between the two.

I’ve discussed my observations of the significant breach of Section 1 of the Rules of Golf with numerous golfers but on their considered advice I have decided to take the matter no further.

For your edification here are the images I made of this deplorable incident.

P1000041 copy 3
Birds with 70-200 play_20160325_0013 copy
P1000056 copy 3

Hoo roo for now.




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