Its hard to believe that it was on the 6th September, 2018 when I last posted here on WordPress.

Things certainly haven’t stood still here at Cassa Creakingbones during that time.

Age has suddenly crept up on SWMBO and myself with the inevitable increase in health issues, both major and minor for the two of us. As a result I’m now SWMBO’s official carer and many adjustments have been made by both of us to accommodate the changes that have taken place.

One casualty of the changed circumstances was quitting my volunteer role as Photography Tutor for a class of nearly twenty mature students at the local University of the 3rd Age (U3A), an organisation for advanced learning.  The local U3A offers over sixty courses including Astronomy, German, French, Spanish, Yoga and Thi Chi for example.

A further casualty was my motorcycling. During the past four years I’ve only  travelled a mere five hundred and fifty kms on my beloved Harleys.

However, a couple of great motorcycling mates and two of my health advisors whose advice I value, have, over the past twelve months or so, gently lectured me on the need to ‘get out more’ when the opportunity presents itself.  Putting it bluntly, that meant, ‘RIDE YOUR BLOODY HARLEY.’

Once a week SWMBO has a supervised day away from home in what is known as Respite.

Knowing she is in safe hands and well cared for, the day gives me the opportunity to undertake activities that are not possible at other times.

Have I taken the opportunity to ride?

No.  Why?

Firstly the winds have been too strong to make a ride totaly unenjoyable. Secondly, SWMBO has had a minor surgical procedure with post operation attention that requires regular home treatment.  As her carer, that’s my responsibility.

Thirdly, and probably the most significant reason is that my two wheel riding confidence has severely diminished and I’m delaying my return to the road until my confidence is restored.

To assist in the process I’ve purchased a new pair of kevlar lined riding jeans and another pair of Harley sun glasses. I’m feeling more confident already and I’m preparing to venture out as soon as SWMBO can return to her Tuesday respite regime, weather permitting of course.

Here it is, my 2019 Harley Davidson FLHCS, minus the removeable touring windscreen. In common parlance, Harley owners refer to this softail as a Heritage Classic. It’s been a popular Harley for many, many years and with  its new and more powerful engine sitting on a brand new softail frame it’s sure to retain its popularity.

20191130_0302 copyHARLEY FLHCS 19 copy 2HARLEY FLHCS_0301 copy 2

Hoo roo for now.







9 thoughts on “TIME GOES BY SO SWIFTLY.

  1. I hear you. We plummet through time and our confidence fades in some things as our bodies become less capable. I tried a bit of skateboarding last year and almost immediately regretted it. Never again 😔 Good to see you posting again. 😀

  2. I hope it won’t be too long before your confidence returns and you are speeding through the countryside again on that Harley. Good to see you posting again 🙂

    1. Thanks heaps. Not too sure about the speeding though. Our Highway Patrol Officers are always alert and ready for duty. Your positive comments are reassurance that my confidence will return nad the klms will start to mount up. Thanks again and hoo roo for now.

  3. Great to hear from you Bones and I know what you mean about the age thing. It’s a significant birthday for me today and though I’m lagging behind you, there are days when I feel it.
    So sorry to hear about SWMBO and of course the load that you must feel, my warmest positive thoughts to you both.
    Good to see that you have a Heritage Classic too, I bought one when I got rid of my Ultra Limited, aren’t they lovely bikes?
    Now my friend, get out on the road and ride, it’ll do you so much good!!!! I’ll be with you in thought
    Best wishes, Dookes

    1. Thanks Dookes. I reckon that the Heritage is the most comfortable Harley ever built. Most of my HOG miles have been on a Heritage and I’ve added the Sundowner seat to the FLHCS. Haven’t added the Sundowner pillion perch because it’s so wide that the removable sissy bar and rack just can’t fit on. Caring for someone with dementia is a real challenge and presents something different every single day. It helps to know that your positive thoughts are with us. It’s much appreciated I can tell you.

      It’s great that you are now on a Heritage, we are sharing something in common except that my odometer readings will never equal yours.

      Happy Birthday for today Dookes, take care of the knees and avoid big bumps popping up on your path.

      Regards and hoo roo

      1. Thanks Bones.
        Dementia is a bastard, my father was afflicted with it, I understand.
        Yep the Heritage Classic is a beautiful bike, for lots of reasons mine isn’t getting many miles in it at present either…it’s to do with knackered knees!
        Catch you soon, Dookes.

  4. Thank God for respite. May SWMBO recover from her surgery quickly and completely and may you soon feel the wind on your face (but not too much wind) and the sun on your shoulders.

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