Photography101 Day 2 Street scene and establishing shots

Day 2 has come and gone, the assignment is completed.

Finding a busy street scene in our country town on a weekday afternoon is no easy task. We are also graffiti free, so a colourful lane was out of the question.

So, i sat at an intersection on our main street, waited for the traffic lights to halt through traffic and pedestrians. The lights turned to green, people began to walk across the intersection and I made

the following image.P101 No2 _DSC1699 copy 2Technical details, Aperture priority, 1/320 seconds @ f11, 24mm lense, ISO 200.

One thought on “Photography101 Day 2 Street scene and establishing shots

  1. I have to admit people who know what they are doing with a camera amaze me. I use my phone and a little Coolpix Nikon maybe after this course I might graduate to something else. Again a well thought out photo. Very, very nice

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