G’day fellow students of photo101. Today’s topic couldn’t have suited me better.

Reason? Just a short stroll from home is a weir damming the Wollondilly River. Making the spot all the better is that on the banks of the river is located the town’s original water pump house, now a steam museum. Both the weir and the pump house are clearly visible from the road bridge that crosses the river. The pump house is the brick building with the large smoke stack and green roof you can see in the background.

The spot really suits Day 3’s requirements because it suits both landscape and portrait photography and can dramatically illustrate the difference between the two when photographing  the same scene using the identical point of focus, aperture, focal length of the lens and of course point of view.

Here is image No1 in landscape mode :

photo101 _DSC1717 copy 2

This was shot at 1/1250th second at f16, ISO 200 and using a zoom lens set at 70mm.

Here is image No2 in portrait mode

Photo101 _DSC1720 copy 2

This too was shot at 1/125th second at f16, ISO 200 using the same zoom lens set at 70mm.

In portrait mode, you can see that both the foreground and background are larger than in landscape mode but the image does not capture as much of the overall scene as does landscape.

Neither image has been cropped. Both taken about 4.30pm this afternoon and within 15-20 seconds of each other.

Hope you enjoy looking tag them as much I did did taking them.

I know I said in a previous post that I wouldn’t waffle on but I just can’t help it.

Hoo roo till No 4 pops up.