Well, bliss means many things to many people. I thought,’ what does the word mean to me?’ After going through many options, some significant and others totally meaningless, I concluded that to me, as a young old bloke, ‘Bliss’ is being alive and out and about on the bike, camera readily accessible, just in case.

Just recently, I had gone to see a friend at her workplace and parked my bike between the trees in the shade near her office. As I got off the bike I glimpsed my image in the rear view mirror and immediately thought, ‘selfie’. Off came the helmet, grabbed the camera from the saddle bag and hopped back in the saddle. 

My friend had recognised the exhaust note and popped out of her office,  camera in hand and made the following image.

photo101 bliss Me by Angela_0003 copy

As for my selfie, I never got to take it. That’s what happens when you are in a state of bliss.

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