One of my favourite treasures is my father’s cigarette case. Dad was born in 1905. In his early 20’s, as a young school teacher, he was transferred to a one man public school at a little village in western New South Wales called, Moombooldool, thats right, not a typo. All that remains of the place now is an unattended railway station and nothing else.

Dad’s nick name was ‘Lone Wolf’ and when he was transferred back to Sydney in 1933, the Moombooldool towns folk presented him with a cigarette case with a wolf and the date, 1933 encircled by a wreath of wheat, attached to the front and his initials, FC, engraved on the reverse. The case never left his side, it was if it was fused to him. As he was a chain smoker, the case was always full.

Dad’s been dead for nearly 50 years now and I’ve always treasured his cigarette case. For a while I carried it around, it was as if he was close by. Now it sits in pride of place with other momentos of my parent’s lives.

So, here is an image of my treasure showing the face of the case in it’s entirety.

On the technical side, the image was made using a Nikkor 24-70mm lens set at 70mm, aperture f2.8 at 1/25th sec, ISO 100. The camera was tripod mounted as I like to adhere to the rule that the shutter speed should never be lower that the maximum focal length of the lens in use, i.e., for this lense, minimum shutter speed should be 1/70th second at 70mm.

PHOTO DAY 16 _DSC2520 copy 2
                                        MY FATHER’S PRIZED CIGARETTE CASE.

For the close up image of the front and back of the case I changed to a Nikkor 105mm f2.8 Micro  lens. This allows me to get the front of the lens extremely close to the subject and in some settings enables the image to be life size, very handy when photographing insects and the like.

On the technical side, for the front, the exposure was 1/5th second at f4.5, ISO 100, tripod mounted.

Here is my image of the wolf and wreath of wheat on the front of the case:

PHOTO101 DAY 16 CLOSE UP_DSC2525 copy 2
                                                      THE LONE WOLF, 1933.

Now for the reverse, This image was made at 1/4th second, aperture f4.2, ISO 100:

PHOTO 101 DAY 16 CLOSE UP_DSC2527 copy 2
                                                  DAD’S ENGRAVED INITIALS, FC.

Making these images brought back many happy memories and tonight I’ll give the case a loving polish and place it back in its safe haven.

By the way, my apologies for the moire in the last two images. Unavoidable sometimes with my camera body.

Hoo roo for now

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  1. I love how you combined the photos with such a wonderful story! It’s always so interesting, reading such real life stories. I wonder what a man he was to earn such a nick name.

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