Today’s tips, “Place a glass object against a totally white background’ and ‘ Shine an artificial light source on it’, stimulated my poor old brain into action and the following image of a cut glass bowl is the result:

PHOTO 101 DAY 17_DSC2529 copy OK go

How was my image created you may ask? Firstly, I placed the bowl on a photographic grey card and put the red rear light from my push bike behind it with its lens flush with the bowl. Then, believe it or not, I hung a white sheet back about 3 feet from the bowl. With the camera on the tripod I turned the red light on and the room lights off. With my lens set at 50mm and the aperture at f2.8, the exposure was 1/30th second, ISO 100.

Then, thinking about ‘interacting with glass’, ‘looking through’, ‘unconventional surfaces’ and ‘a window’ I decided how tomato my second image.

Every late afternoon, a group of magpies (they are black and white native birds) arrive in our yard for a snack. The cheekiest sit on the kitchen’s window sill and rap on the glass until the window is opened and they each receive a little bit of bread. Great opportunity to work with the hints, so, armed with the necessary permission from ‘she who must be obeyed’, I smeared the bottom of one of the window panes with vaseline to make it almost opaque. Having done so, I waited, camera in hand for the magpies to arrive. Today of all days, only one of the mob ventured onto the sill. I quickly grabbed the shot, slid open the window and presented the bird with its modelling fee, a piece of crust.

My next task was to remove the smeared vaseline from the window pane and immediately thereafter, our usual state of domestic bliss returned to normal . I was not injured during this episode and here is the image:

photo 101 glass_DSC2535 copy

On this occasion I wasn’t concerned about camera shake as I knew the image would be blurred by the vaseline . So , with the lens set at 70mm, aperture at f2.8 I wasn’t concerned as I readied for the shot that the shutter speed would be only 1/20 second at ISO 100.

Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome of both images and the hints given were of great assistance.


3 thoughts on “PHOTO 101 DAY 17: GLASS, SQUARED

  1. Fantastic pictures and a nice story πŸ™‚
    I would have never known that those birds peck on your window “begging” for bread – πŸ˜€

    1. Thanks, glad you liked the images. Thew magpies will come inside the house if we leave a doors or window open. They are smart and very interesting birds. In the breeding season they will ‘bomb’ you if you come too close to their nests.

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