Last night I attended a regular get together to chat about individual projects, plans and aspirations with a select group of local photographers. It’s an ad hoc sort of thing, sometimes just a few of us turn up, sometimes almost a full house. The only ‘official’ thing that happens is that someone in the group picks a date and a meeting place and then emails everyone with the information

I was first to arrive at the designated meeting place and not long after I’d found a vacant group of seats and a table I was approached by a mature aged woman who is well known to me.

She didn’t say hello or make any form of greeting, other than to say, ‘ Wife kicked you out of the house eh?’ I grinned and just nodded.

At that moment, another of our photography group arrived in the form of a shapely, well dressed young woman who took a seat opposite me. As I introduced them to each other, I could see by the look on the face of the mature aged woman that she was convinced she had caught me in a lovers tryst.

Then, without a further word she walked away to another table where a group of mature aged women were sitting. They were directly in my line of sight and I noted that they immediately looked in my direction and two of them had a bit of a giggle.

My friend and I chatted for a while before she received a call from another of our group who apologised for being late and said he would meet us in the dining room.

Believe it or not, the mature aged group of women were already in the dining room and our table was adjacent to theirs. From my selected seat they were still directly in my line of sight and I could  also hear their whispered conversation but not clearly enough for me to understand what/whom they were talking about. I could certainly guess.

All eyes were on the two of us and as I pulled the chair out for my friend, I got a wink from one of the observers,  grins from the others  and I couldn’t miss the look of disapproval on the face of the woman who is known to me.

Shortly after, our other photographer arrived and he and the recipient of his phone calls exchanged hugs and a few kisses. Are they an item? I’ve no idea but they are certainly friendly and show it.

Now as I’ve said, the occupants of the next table were in my direct line of sight. I nearly laughed out loud when I saw the disappointed look on their faces as they saw my two friends embrace and be affectionate towards each other.

Then it struck me how rumours start and travel like wildfire, particularly in a small country town.

I assume that only the timely arrival of my male photography mate has prevented the tongues wagging with exaggerated reports of my activities last night. Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word assume as we all know it really means making an ass out of u and me.

Unfortunately, no other photographers from the group turned up and it wasn’t long before the three of us decided to call it a night and I headed off home.

When I got home I repeated the evenings events to She Who Must Be Obeyed who immediately suggested that it might make an amusing bit of blogging.

So there you are.

Hoo roo for now.




3 thoughts on “HOW RUMOURS BEGIN.

  1. Haha! Yes, that’s lovely – I can just imagine them and their disappointment – Brought a smile to my face, thank you 🙂

  2. Would you believe that tomorrow I’m taking the mature age female to another town, by ourselves, for her to consult with a specialist picture framer. I bet she has already developed a cross examination technique to try out on me as we go along.
    Might lead to another blog, who knows.
    Glad the yarn brought a grin to your face.

  3. I like when people spread rumours and talk about me. It shows they are thinking about me… Which is more than I do in return.

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