We all have a different interpretation of the word,’Home.’

For some, the word may simply mean house, for others, just location and so on.

I interpret the word to mean a place where you simply feel comfortable for whatever reason, embraced by its safety, comfort, tranquility, surroundings and peace.

Of course, outside influences such as riot, civil uprisings and war can totally destroy the reasons for my interpretation.

Fortunately I’m a proud Australian and Australia is my home where everything I’ve pointed out in my third paragraph completely applies, and then some.

In the tiny bit of Australia where I live we are as free as the birds and we are surrounded here by our feathered friends.

Today it is cold and wet with flurries of sleet and very strong winds. Maximum temperature today is expected to reach 6 degrees centigrade.

Our feathered friends are feeling the cold too, trying to shelter in the trees, hanging on to their perches as tightly as they can, heads tucked securely under wings and feathers fluffed up.

However, some of our resident magpies, instead of perching out in the rain and sleet, have established themselves outside our kitchen window under the pergola.

161307_0007 copy 4

By contrast, a young Galah perched in an adjacent tree is all fluffed up in an effort to keep warm.

161307_0008 copy 54

But I mustn’t forget the human side of home. 20160712_0022 copy 3

In closing on Day 1,  how could anyone not see that my little bit of paradise is genuinely,’Home.’

Hoo roo for now.

10 thoughts on “DEVELOPING YOUR EYE- DAY 1 -HOME.

  1. The two of us rattle around inside the house and venture out to play. I’ve a studio in one corner of the yard, there is also a large aviary containing various species of parrots and an acre of native trees that attract many species of birds. As I said, our little bit of paradise.

  2. Good company, books to thumb through from time to time, and a moto-photo triptych on the wall…

    Yep–that seems pretty darn comfy. 🙂

  3. Glad you noticed the triptych of my Harley motor. Taken with good old Ilford Delta 400 ISO. Had a lot of fun printing it too. And comfy, too right.

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