Todays challenge invites participants to make a vertical and a horizontal image of the same scene. I interpret vertical and horizontal images in my photography as portrait and landscape orientation respectively but today I’ll use the words used in todays instruction.

Both of the following images were taken from a road bridge over the Wollondilly River just a couple of hundred metres from our house.

As you can see, the first image is in the vertical, the second in the horizontal._DSC5145 copy 3

_DSC5147 copy 3

You can see from the position of the walker with the dogs that there was a short delay between the making of each image. This is because ¬†heavy vehicles crossing the bridge create significant vibration in the bridge’s ratings.

The lighting was poor at the time I made the images and my shutter speeds of 1/40th at f11 required me to brace my arms against the railings. Accordingly I had to wait until the vibrations ceased before I could take the second shot.

I prefer the vertical image as its orientation gives a more accurate sense of scale to this section of the Wollondilly River.

Hoo roo until tomorrow.


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