The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines ‘connect’ this way;

161607_0009 copy 3

As we are ‘developing our eyes,’ instead of scanning the Oxford’s page, I photographed it using the micro setting on my little Leica Dlux 6, set the aperture at 1.4, and made the image at 1/20th second, ISO 100. In RAW of course.

Combined with todays WordPress blurb, and the Oxford definition, ‘connect’ provides us with a multitude of options and my choices begin with bridges:

_DSC0023 copy 3

This is the highway and pedestrian bridge crossing Lake Burley Griffin from  the centre of Canberra City to the nations’s Parliament House, the roof of which can be seen in the background between the two spans.

Next we have the bridges over the Wollondilly River, just down the road from our place.

Wollondilly roadway 3_0704_0010 copy 3

This is a great example of ‘connect’ as we have road traffic and a pedestrian walkway on the bridge and overhead, power lines, connecting electricity  to both sides of the river.

Now not all bridges are created equal and this primitive version serves it’s purpose. It’s hidden away in one of our nearby National Parks.

090409_Abercrombie Nat Park with Brad_2332 copy

Then for a variation on the bridge theme, here is a cross water  bridge in the form of a ferry on Sydney Harbour connecting  the City of Sydney and Manly.

_DSC0675 copy

Of course, electrical connections can’t be neglected as they are vital to our life style and what can be more important that an extension cord:

161607_0003 copy

Then there is a further connection between our feathered friends and ourselves:

161607_0004 copy

As I was standing outside making the shot of the orange extension cord contrasted against the green grass, one of our resident Magpies popped over, just to connect with the activity.  If you look at the lower edge of the image you can see my toes. No other snacks were on offer.

Now perhaps, apart from face to face connection and ignoring emails, Facebook and the other electronic means of impersonal connection, the poor old telephone remains as our  premier person to person connection.

161607_0002 copy 3

This one of ours gets a workout and it is conveniently placed next to a vast whiteboard where we note down connections we must make as a result of the calls.

Most of our calls relate to actual human connection and my share usually relate to activities involving my motorcycling mates:

All's Boys_DSC0014 copy3 copy

Here are a few of the boys, waiting for sunrise on a chilly, windswept hill a few miles from the inland mining city of Broken Hill. Those of you who follow my blog will make the connection.

On the ride to the Hill that year there was a slight disagreement over dinner at our motel. It’s cause, who knows, but the following morning all was forgotten and the boys connected in a most unlikely ‘biker’ way.


090709_Broken Hill 09_0101 copy 3

The boys  weren’t aware I had camera in hand until it was too late. The spontaneous reconnection was recorded for their later amusement.

Hoo roo for now


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