In capturing today’s subject, solitude, it is suggested in the blurb that we consider the Rule of Thirds when composing the image.

One of the great rules of photography is that the rules were made to be broken and I follow that mantra in the majority of my compositions. That’s the reason the salient features of my images are generally in the middle of the frame.

You may also have noticed that many of my images contain what some may describe as scenes of desolation, uninhabited semi desert country and more brown than green.

That’s probably because like one of Australia’s favourite poets, Dorothea MacKellar,  ‘I Iove a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains.’

Today I’m happy to comply with the Rule of Thirds and also break away from my excessive ‘Wide Brown Land’ imagery.

bike 3

On a ride through the Flinders Ranges in South Australia I was fascinated by the wild flowers growing in profusion along the roadside and felt compelled to make to this image.

Rule of Thirds, certainly,  wide brown land, not a trace.

Solitude, absolutely. That’s one of the great benefits of riding solo.


Hoo roo for now






  1. “rules were made to be broken and I follow that mantra in the majority of my compositions”. So true. Has a bit of the Golden Proportions about it too. 🙂 Love your work

  2. Rules are meant to be broken to give room to more rules that might come from geniuses like you. I absolutely love this picture. Good work! 😀

  3. Something I once read about writing could, I think, easily apply to any creative or expressive endeavor. It went like this:

    Have a clear enough understanding of the rules so that you can break them with the greatest effect.

    I’ve been enjoying your Developing Your Eye series, Mr. Bones. 🙂

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