Today is a bleak, cold and rainy day so I determined not to venture outside seeking a colourful door or something similar to photograph for todays challenge.

Here at Casa Creaking Bones, our colour choices revolve around autumn tones. However in the sewing room of She Who Must Be Obeyed I thought I may find some fabric hidden away that was bright enough to meet the criteria of ‘A Pop of Colour.’

Imagine my delight when I finally located almost a whole bolt of striking, multi colour, in your face fabric which I immediately snuck out into my Man Cave.

Then, woe is me, I read all of today’s instructions and discovered that I should,’ Keep it simple, experiment with only one colour.’

Back to the drawing board as the saying goes.

The sock drawer was my salvation. Only one colour. Red.

162007_0003 copy 3

Looking around for another popping colour I found this cap which also fits the bill, including my head.

162007_0004 copy3

Harley Davidson also care for a rider’s posterior, not only on the bike but also when  relaxing in a favoured armchair. Here is a colour popping Harley logo from  one of my favourite cushions.

162007_0005 copy 3

Now that I’ve strayed from the  ‘One Colour’ instruction, I reckon I can safely show you the fabric I sneaked from the sewing room.

162007_0001 copy 3

The fabric is now safely back where it belongs and it will be interesting to find out to what use it will be put by SWMBO.

Now there is only one more day to go with this fun assignment so, see you tomorrow.

Hoo roo.



  1. You made me chuckle. She Who Must Be Obeyed must Really be obeyed if you had to sneak the fabric. *smile* I read somewhere that most men are terrified of their wives.

    1. Glad you got a laugh. I did exaggerate, a writers privilege. One of these days provide SWMBO agrees, I’ll write about her early training that gave her the nickname, ‘Fang the trained killer’. I kid you not.

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